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SmartPCFixer License Key Fixing Error of Windows

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Smartpcfixer v5.2 license key free

SmartPCFixer is free for you. It is not out of place to see your computer components working haphazardly especially as it begins to get old or even with frequent usage. It happens to humans and other creatures on earth. When we thus have issues with our body systems, what we do in most cases is to seek help from health professionals. In the case of computers, the corresponding health professionals are registry cleaners and computer optimization tools of which Smartpcfixer is one. Smartpcfixer is arguably one of the best computer optimization tools. It was developed by LionSea software, an official partner of Microsoft in the year 2002. The package when installed, is capable of being customized to work according to the user’s choice. You could choose to customize to scan and fix your entire computer or if you like, you can customize it to only scan some compartments that you feel are having issues. The decision is all yours. The package is available for test-running for the potential buyer to get to see what it is capable of doing.

SmartPCFixer License Key Fixing Error of Windows


The features of this registry cleaner tool is highly comprehensive and that perhaps, is why it stands out from others. All of these features can be tweaked to your taste but if you aren’t sure of which settings is the best for you, there is an option of choosing from any of these three categories which are Default, Home or Office Mode respectively. It would be adapted to your needs and you would save yourself a headache.

Smartpcfixer license key can update your windows because of its affiliate to Microsoft. This windows updater is however not to be confused with default Microsoft windows update. The former only updates your computer system only when it truly needs to. In addition to its updating capacity, here are some other interesting features it parades

  • System Tools such as File Extensor, Disk Manager, File Shredder, IE Manager, File Splitter, Uninstall Manager, and Active Block
  • System Optimization features such as Registry Cleaner, PC Optimizer, Fix error tool, Dil Fix, Disk Defrag, Dil Download and Windows updates.
  • System Fixing Features such as Error Wizard, ActiveX, Error Utility, File Association, Winsock2 Repair, Printer Spooler and Dil Download
  • Scan Scheduler

As highlighted above, Smartpcfixer is loaded, just think of anything needed to restore your PC to order and the package got you covered


This is the first diagnostic step undertaken by this “PC medics” to ascertain what the issue regarding your computer actually is. One desirable factor in this aspect is speed as you wouldn’t want to take the whole year to complete a scanning session. While many have considered Smartpcfixer slow in this aspect, it may be useful to understand that the speed with which scanning is done depends on certain factors such as the content and bulkiness of the files on your system and the type of settings employed. If you have files numbering up to millions on your PC for instance, you cannot expect the scanning process to be very fast as someone else having a few thousand. In overall, speaking objectively, the tool offers a smooth scanning experience which does not alter your computer’s CPU.


After a successful scanning has been achieved, a window will pop up displaying a list of what it detected as being what the issue with your system is. It would be important for you to keep in mind that Smartpcfixer would always create a backup and restore routes for your files while it scans to ensure that during the scanning operation, a damage does not occur to your PC. You would also need to note that you cannot selectively delete which identified issue you wish as the only available option for rectifying your computer issues is to click the “Fix all” option. This is another thing most users of this package have problem with. But deleting is not the only available remedy as some of the issues can be fixed. All you have to do is to dig further into this package and find out its usage.


The pricing system for this package is not stable due to the various flash sales and promotions that often greet it. If you are a lover of discounts, you may want to target when the prices would be somehow friendly. However, this is not ideal for a product seeking a worldwide attention. There are three available options of price for this package. The first is a 7-day trial package offering unlimited access to all its features but it goes for a price of $5.99. Another option is the one you would have to subscribe for once a year. That goes for a price of $59.90 and has a money back guarantee of 60 days. The third and last option is free of charge and it is available only for those who wish to test-run the package. Accepted payment methods include PayPal and Credit Cards.

Customer Service

The customer service put in place by the developers respond to customers complaint within one business day. Nevertheless, the options of reaching the customer service agents are limited. Even though it claimed to have its presence on various social media in theory, in practical, the only sure means of reaching the customer agents is by their dedicated email address. Perhaps, the developers are aware of this and have thus put up a comprehensive FAQs column on the interface which answers majority of the complaints customers put forward on daily basis


  • Its features are highly comprehensive
  • The features are customizable to user’s taste
  • It works effortlessly and seamlessly to bring solutions to your PC issues
  • It is user-friendly and does not need special training for usage.
  • The help provided through its FAQs section is well-detailed


  • Many have described the scanning as being slow
  • It is not a free software
  • Instability of price



Talk of an item that worth its price and you talk of Smartpcfixer. It is not perfect but its services are not only great but indispensable. Just as it is unthinkable that a society would exist without a health care facility so it is not too okay for a system to exist without a registry cleaner and optimizer like Smartpcfixer. It is affordable and you are at liberty to tweak the tool to your choice and you can be sure of not losing any of your files in the process of fixing your computer issues.

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