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FL Studio 12 Crack Full Version For Windows + MAC

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FL Studio 12 Cracked full version + registration key

FL Studio 12 Crack for windows xp, 7, 8, 8.1. Originally authored by Didier Dambrim but later developed by a Belgium-based company named image line, FL studio is a software employed by DJs, Studios Engineers and Music Producers to create, record and manipulate sounds. However, more than just being a music plaything, it has metamorphosed into a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) employed by individuals in the music industry to manipulate and release music.

Although it is still compatible with Windows OS only, FL12 is about the biggest improvement the application is parading over the last few years. It is expected that soonest, versions that can work on mac OS and other operating systems would be fashioned to give a smoother recording experience.

FL Studio 12 Crack Full Version For Windows + MAC

Features of fl studio 12 free download full version crack

Web Browser

This feature ensures that while working on your music sound, you can easily get files and projects required downloaded online. It gives a very quick access to needed to all of your desired files

The Toolbar

This section contains a navigation bar containing certain menus such as playback control, show or hide buttons and various other options

Channel Rack W/Step Sequencer

This allows the loading of certain musical instruments such samplers and synths including certain controllers like Keyboard controller and MIDI out a channel. The loaded instruments are useful in helping to either play back or producing musical sound whereas the controllers as implied by its name, help control the instruments and even some other parameters of other controllers.

Piano Roll

The feature is available on all channels on the package. It can be accessed by clicking on the menu from the toolbar and right clicking on the desired channel to affect your desired melody, beat or loop change with it. This feature is loaded with lots of functions and helping tools such as pattern creator and various chords


This is where you get the entire composition of a particular track you are working on via the software. All of the manipulations you are doing with the piano roll and sequencer are deposited as it were, in this section to give you the entire track.


The mixer allows you to route the different channels on the software and to add your desired effects to them thereby making it easy for you to have control over each individual sound sources

FL Studio 12 Crack New Features

Flattened Out Interface

This is about the most conspicuous additions to this version. The interface has been worked upon such that it is now scalable, smooth and flattened out to catch up with modern DAW packages which are no longer using the fiddly graphics and gradients. Because of the loads of tools on the application, it is necessary that it be made colorful and clearer to facilitate easy sighting and this is what you get with this latest additions

Full Touch Support

This is another big addition which allows you to use the software by touching it. Your computer however has to have a touch panel connected or it must come with touch-enabled panel for this feature to be put into use. If you have a multi-touch panel, it is also supported and this will even allow you to control multiple things at once.


This include Dashboard, Edison, Fruity video player, Decadance, Maximus, Riff Machine, and Fruity Stereo Shaper which helps it in its functions

Virtual Effects

Some of the notable virtual effects that comes with this latest version include Juice Pack, GrossBeat used to manipulate the pitch, time and volume of audios, Hardcore Guitar Effects Suite, fruityVocoder, New tone, Pitcher, Patcher and ZGameEditor Visualizer. All of these ensure that you can add whatever visual effect you so desire to your work.


The software comes in three different editions and two versions which are highlighted

  • Fruity Edition
  • Producer Edition
  • Signature Bundle. This is the edition that contains all the possible features of the software.
  • Demo Version. This is free but has some limitations. Audios rendered and saved in this mode can never be re-opened unless the license for the paid version is bought. Other limitations include its inability to save preset instruments and the audio quality is always doubtful
  • Mobile Version. Android mobile users can use this software though with some limitations.
  • Specifically created for Windows 8

Price Comparison

  • The Fruity edition goes for 99 US dollars
  • The Producer edition goes for 199 US dollars
  • Signature Bundle is sold for a price of 299 US dollars


  • It comes with an interface which is scalable
  • The windows are detachable
  • Interface is now flattened to give a colorful and clearer look
  • Its updates are free
  • The system requirements for installation is quite low which means consumption of minimal system resources
  • Its price is quite reasonable


  • Although currently being developed to work on MacOS, the software is still only fully functional on Windows Operating System
  • It still has some areas where it has to catch up with other DAW software.
  • It is heavily loaded with features which may be confusing for newbies. Some forms of training have to be undergone for maximal usage.

System Requirements for Installation

  • Processor: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 (later versions supported too)
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.0, Vista and Windows XP (SP3). Both 32 and 64 Bits versions of these OS are supported
  • RAM: Not less than 1 GB
  • Hard Disk Memory: At least 2 GB space should be free
  • Media Support: ASIO or ASIO2 compatible Soundcard with DirectSound drivers.

FL Studio 12 Crack Full Version For Windows + MAC

Final Verdict

FL Studio 12 cracked has really evolved from what it was once known to be. The interface has been greatly improved and made scalable. If you are a music producer or DJ, it is one application you would like to keep on your PC for a long time. Admittedly, there are still some areas where its developers would have to look critically into especially when it comes to making it available on other operating systems aside windows. The price of its paid version when compared is very reasonable and its features are quite comprehensive. All of these make it handy and useful for all electronic music engineers and anyone into music production.

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